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Trade Show Sample Case Study
Demonstrating The Benefits Lead Generation Solutions Can Provide


The Situation


Compare your needs to this situation:  A company generates 800 leads at a recent Trade show.  Typically the company usually expects 20% of all trade show leads to be good ones.  These are the ones that the sales team cherry picks because they are already familiar with them or that they know there is an opportunity based on their conversation at the show.  The prospect may have outlined their need or expressed interest in the product or service that would identify them as a real prospect.  This means that of the 800 leads they feel 160 are qualified leads


 Not bad you might say. And it is not.  But it is not nearly as good as it could be.



The Problem


The challenge is that you know that there are lots of really good leads hidden away among a lot of bad ones.  You have always known it.  You also know you simply cannot effectively follow up on all those leads to find out which is which.  So like three out of every four business to business companies you quickly cherry pick what seem like the best leads and then hope for the best with the rest.


Historically, most companies are willing to settle for the results they get and just chalk it up to the cost of doing business.  Unfortunately, it ends up costing you plenty in missed opportunities, lost sales to the competition, and a diminished return on the investment you have made on the trade show.



Why it is so tough


The challenge is to be able to immediately contact the other 640 leads, qualify them, eliminate those that would waste your sales reps time, and add the additional prospects to your sales teams priority list.  This will allow your sales team to exclusively focus their efforts on closing real prospects.


Many companies make the critical mistake by not having a strategic plan to make more out of all those leads.  (73% of the respondents in this survey said their company had no process for re-qualifying and revisiting business leads)  Often they end up sending all of the leads out to the field, and then they hope for the best. The process usually grinds to a halt as your sales team tires of hearing Dave is traveling for the next three weeks or I just wanted your giveaway...I am not really the decision-maker, you need to speak to; Even if your people do not give up, their time is just too valuable. They are closers.  And now it becomes a double-edged problem as they waste their time on suspects while the real prospects get lost.



The Solution


The solution is to hire the LGS team of lead qualification specialists that can immediately contact the other 640 raw, unqualified leads to qualify the needs and buying cycle of every prospect that visited your booth.  We will identify the real prospects that your sales team should immediately follow up with, and also identify the non-prospects that are just getting in the way.  We will do this immediately after the trade show so that no opportunity gets lost and you will leverage the time of your sales team.   


Lead Generation Solutions will help your sales team by delivering as many as double the number of qualified prospects per trade show than you will reach on your own, and, by doing so, increase sales and maximize your trade show ROI.  We can help you solve several problems:


·          Capture all of the qualified prospects


·          Leverage the time of your sales team


·          Increase sales and the overall ROI of your trade show


·          Gain a competitive edge by having the ability to follow up with every lead immediately after the show before the folks in the booths do.


·          Strengthen your strategic plan with access to a team of lead development experts for the exact period of time that you need them


·          Gain key feedback and strategic research on new products and services that you unveiled at the trade show.



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