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Frequently Asked Questions



Who is Lead Generation Solutions?

Lead Generation Solutions specializes in the specific niche of executive-level lead generation and development allowing companies to leverage the time of their sales teams.


Our Lead Generation Services  generate appointments with decision-makers who are not currently prospects of yours. From start to finish, we introduce your company, qualify your prospects needs, and set appointments for your sales team.


Our Lead Qualification Services work with your existing trade show or other leads, contact every lead quickly and inexpensively, qualify the prospects, and leverage the time of your closers.



Our Franchisor Lead Qualification Services work with the inquiries that you receive from prospective Franchisee's.  We can more effectively qualify them for your sales team.


We choose to maintain our specialization and do not accept any campaigns that target consumers.  Our agents are all specialists with an average of 20 years of lead generation and qualification as well as practical business experience.  We do not employ college or entry-level agents.  Our experience allows us to ask the right questions about your company so that we can make recommendations to create the most successful campaign possible. 



  How will we  be able to understand your market?

We start with our experience and specialized ability to navigate through companies, identify and engage decision-makers, qualify their needs, and motivate them to take action.  Regardless of our clients industry, those skills are critical.


Prior to starting a campaign, we conduct an in-depth meeting with our client to discuss their Value Proposition so that our agents can represent your firm as effectively as if they were full-time employees.  This meeting will include our clients marketing approach, the needs of different level decision-makers, qualifying and probing questions, competition, objections and responses.  Any issues that arise will be reviewed with our client during our campaign to continue to improve our abilities.



      How do we generate and develop leads?

The Lead Generation Solutions team utilizes executive-level telemarketing to reach decision-makers.  After reaching a decision-maker we send personalized e-mails to further develop prospects into qualified leads.  Key tools also include the prospect database, call guide, and e-mail letter and supporting marketing correspondence.  Most of our clients rely on us to create these tools for them, however when available, we use whatever our clients want to provide as a start.


Lead Generation Solutions develops a specific and effective message customized for your products and services, and your target market.  In addition, we customize the message for each different level of decision-maker you are trying to reach. C level executives are motivated to solve vision and strategic planning concerns, and lower level executives have more hands on pain issues. 


Lead Generation Solutions provides a hands-on Account Manager dedicated to each client who is responsible for managing the team and the campaign.  Our clients have access at all times to discuss the progress of the campaign.  We deliver new appointments as soon as they are generated.  We typically maintain a weekly conference-call to discuss progress.  We provide a monthly summary of all leads to help our clients manage their lead pipeline.  If necessary, we can provide customized reporting to help clients measure progress to provide strategic insight to effectively manage leads into sales.



      What does it cost?

Ultimately it depends on the needs of our client.  Lead generation and lead qualification campaigns can vary greatly based on factors that include the clients qualification requirements, level of decision-maker, target industry, depth of the territory, and size and scope of the products and services to be marketed.


Each campaign is customized to the needs of each client.  We would need to have a no-obligation discussion to learn more about your needs.  Once we have a clear idea of your needs, we would be able to provide an accurate proposal outlining a campaign to deliver the results you need along with a summary of the investment needed.  Our business is built on client satisfaction.




 Where do we get our call lists?

Some clients provide us with a prospect database or a list of existing trade show or other leads that they have created.  In addition, many clients need us to create the database for them.  We work with our clients to determine the target industries, size, geographical location, and decision-maker needed.  We start with our proprietary database and then supplement it with third party sources if needed.  Our experience can provide value to help clients focus their efforts to the best potential prospects.



      What types of clients have we done campaigns for?

Our clients typically have a complex sale and are trying to penetrate high into organizations.  Some clients need to reach owners and executives of small and medium businesses, and others need us to reach C level decision-makers of Fortune 500 companies.  Our clients usually provide some type product or business service that helps their customers to improve productivity and reduce their costs of doing business.  It is usually not just a one-time product sale, but an on-going partnership to continually help the customer to grow. 



      What services do we provide?

Our clients look to us to engage high-level executives, qualify their needs, and secure appointments for their sales team.  Other services we provide include:

·          Executive lead generation

·          Executive lead qualification

·          Trade show follow up

·          Event registration

·          Customer surveys and customer satisfaction calls

·          New product introductions

·          Database research

·          Inbound customer service



  What about confidentiality?

We exercise extreme confidentiality of all client information, strategies, product information, database information, and anything that our marketing efforts uncover on behalf of our client.  We do not share information between clients.  All marketing efforts and databases remain separate.  Our clients do benefit by our experience and proprietary database as we develop a working knowledge about the organizational structure and how buying decisions are made in key prospect companies.


In order to avoid any conflict of interest, we do not accept clients whose target market and geographical territories overlap.       



 What steps need to be taken to get started?

The first step is to set up a free initial consultation to hold a discussion to learn about your needs and provide you with a proposal outlining a customized campaign to deliver the results you require.  Upon agreement, we would prepare our marketing approach which includes the call guide, direct marketing letter, agent training, and database creation and set up.  Once completed, we would begin prospecting.




  Please Contact Us to set up the free initial consultation.



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