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Trade Show Lead Qualification
Why give raw, unqualified trade show leads
to your sales team when we can
quickly and inexpensively qualify the prospects first?



At Lead Generation Solutions, we have built a reputation with clients who know the skills needed to qualify prospects are much different than the skills needed to close sales.  At best, they view giving raw, unqualified trade show leads to their sales team as a very expensive use of the teams time that could be better spent closing deals.  At worst, they know that many leads will not be follow up on properly because they just will not have he ability to reach them all.  The result is that many quality prospects, and consequently, many great sales opportunities that you worked so hard and spent so much to create, will be lost. 


Consider the benefits:


  Provide your sales team with just qualified prospects


All leads reached within days, before your competition calls them


Increase the number of qualified prospects by 20 - 50 %


  Increase sales, profits, and overall trade show ROI


Let Lead Generation Solutions do the difficult task of lead qualification for you.    Let your team spend their time closing business while the trade show leads are being qualified for them.  Our trained and experienced telemarketing specialists are pros at learning your products and services.  They specialize in being able to use that knowledge to prospect effectively in order to reach and engage decision-makers and qualify their needs on your behalf.   We will provide a seamless representation of your company in an effort to qualify these leads.


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We Reach All Of Your Leads Quickly

The window of opportunity once you generate trade show leads closes fast. Our team will quickly call your raw, unqualified leads so that no opportunity gets lost and you can immediately begin leveraging the time of your sales team.


We Qualify Those Leads Based On Your Criteria

Our team will qualify your leads and identify those prospects that meet your criteria, putting your sales team on a fast track to more sales. We will also provide extensive details with those qualified leads to prepare your sales representatives to have a productive first contact.


We Will Increase The Number Of Qualified Prospects by 20% To 50%

At LGS, we feel that most companies are not equipped to capture the results they should from their trade shows. In fact, a study based on a third quarter, 2004 online survey of nearly 800 key executive respondents said an estimated 80% of leads are typically lost, ignored, or discarded, compromising top-line revenue growth. We conservatively feel most companies can achieve up to 20% more qualified leads simply by calling and attempting to qualify every trade show prospect.


Gain Valuable Feedback And Research

Our team can research prospects to discover the key information on new products and services that you unveil at the trade show as well as the additional information you need to build, update, maintain, and manage your database.



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