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Lead qualification for Franchisors



Our team can expand your ability to respond to franchise inquiry


leads without expanding your payroll



We specialize in lead qualification and can leverage the time of your franchise development team. Our experience has found that 60 - 70% of the inquiries that you receive are not a quality fit and are a tremendous waste of your sales team's time.


Our team can call each of your leads to qualify whether they are genuine opportunities that meet your financial requirements before passing them along to your sales team.


We can provide immediate follow up when you receive a large number of leads such as Monday mornings or after a direct mail campaign hits.  We can provide extensive coverage during evening and Saturday hours to improve your contact rate.



  • Leverage your Franchise Development team's time - Provide your team with only qualified leads so that they can focus on the prospects with the best buying potential   



  • Reach more qualified prospects - With our ability to immediately call each lead, and call in the evenings and on the weekends, we can improve your contact rate so that no opportunity is missed.    



  • Increase sales, profits, and ROI - Increase your return on the leads that you have invested so much to generate.


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